Monday, August 30, 2010

Great Content (Arcade Fire) + Great Technology (Google) + Great Vision = Magic!

One of the greatest things about my job is to have a front row at the tremendous transformative potential and power of technology. And, when that power meets great content -- and is overseen by inspiration -- the potential is truly magical. It isn't 1+1=3. It is more like 1+1=10. And, one of those moments happened today. The content? A song from a great band -- Arcade Fire. The technology -- Google's. The vision? Not quite sure -- but, whoever had it just did something truly unique -- and terribly impactful (in the very best possible way). Check it out by clicking on this link here.

Specifically, the tech world is still buzzing today from a single truly inspired video (actually, it was more of a multi-media experience, but I will call it a "video" for lack of a better word). The "video" is for a great new Arcade Fire song called "We Used to Wait" -- and the video itself, which is titled "The Wilderness Downtown" (which is a line from that song), billed itself as an "experiment," announcing with bravado to the world -- as it should -- that it was different. And, it implored the visitor to participate in that experiment -- to enter the world in that experiment. Literally, to enter that world. Or, more accurately, enter their own world -- their own former world, more accurately. Their own past. Their own childhood.

And, when they did, every participant in this experiment experienced something completely different from that one single video, because no two plays of that single video were the same -- precisely because no two lives and pasts are the same. Yet, it was one single video -- a single video that yielded an unending string of results and experiences. It was immersive, it was interactive, it was completely unique.

Confused? Don't worry -- just try it -- click here. Dive in. Sit back. Enjoy. Think.

In this world of fast food disposable and copy-cat experiences, these types of pure moments of inspiration should be savored. This is cool ... very cool. And, I have no doubt that this kind of inspiration and vision inspires others to explore uncharted territory and to think differently. It certainly inspired me -- and countless others -- to talk about it. And to spread the word, because the word deserved to be spread (both about the band, and the technology that enabled the band's vision to be realized).

As much as I liked the band before -- and I did (I just recently blogged about their great new album) -- my respect is now even greater. This band -- and those around them -- are shooting for greatness.

And, score they did ...

Loved it. Loved every minute of it. Loved the music. Loved the technology and presentation that it enabled (I re-visited every childhood home of mine, as well as my first home in LA). Loved the unique experience it created. And, ultimately, loved the passion.

Arcade Fire -- truly on fire!

My Interview with NewTeeVee -- My "Two Cents" About Online Video

This past week, Liz Shannon Miller of NewTeeVee interviewed me in her inimitable "5 Questions" manner. I give my "two cents" about a number of things -- including (1) what's holding back the online video industry; (2) where I would park my investment money in our online video space; (4) where do I believe Apple is heading in the online video marketplace; and (4) the state of Sorenson Media's financing. Here is the link to the interview.