Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay, Am Guilty of Betrayal! Introducing My New iPhone Relationship!

To switch (from my Blackberry), or not to switch (to an iPhone 4), THAT was the question. I have blogged about it several times before. Substantial pressure has been heaped on me from all sides -- my wife, my colleagues (Dudas, the Svengali) -- to make the switch and enter the Apple golden age.

I was on the fence. Sure, I love the beauty and elegance of my new suitor, but I am a loyal man -- and have stuck with my Blackberry through thick and thin for a decade. I made a commitment -- and was a rebel in my own way by being old school in a world awash with Apple fanboys (and girls).

But, then something happened. My relationship went sour. My Blackberry didn't age well. It became extremely moody and mercurial (re-booting itself continuously). Yes, I could have traded it in for a younger RIM model -- but I stuck with this particular one for 3 years! How could I replace it with another model from within the same family? Didn't feel right.

And then, in walks the new iPhone 4. Heads turned. I tried to look past it, but couldn't. I too became smitten -- particularly attracted to its Face(time). That's where the voices around me finally put me over the edge, even though my new suitor came with significant baggage (AT&T service and antenna-gate). I am human after all!

So, a secret appointment was made. Our secret meeting was had (in the Carlsbad Apple store). And, the deal was consummated.

I held it in one hand -- trembling a bit, a little unsure of its new seemingly frail design. Sure, I expected dropped calls, but I certainly didn't want to drop it on our first date together. And, in the other, I stripped out the battery of my long-time phone-mate ... holding it as the lights faded from its previously glowing keypad.

The deal was signed. The deed was done.

And, now my new life begins. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new smart phone ... the iPhone 4! I believe we will have a long and lasting relationship. (But, once a betrayer, always a betrayer?)