Monday, August 23, 2010

Paradise Found! My Music -- Freed from Bondage!

At long last, my wife and I just moved into our new remodeled home. During the planning stage, I had only one pre-requisite -- music everywhere! While she understood my obsession with music (it has been 17 years together after all), her suggestion was this -- save the cash and buy iPod docks for every room in the house. While I saw the logic of her ways, I rejected it out of hand as being blasphemous -- music is too important to me, I needed more.

So, she relented. And, we built the in-ceiling speakers -- the different zones -- both indoor and outdoor. Yes, we shuddered at the bills -- but, I also smiled with the possibilities. Of course, the goal was to have great sound. But even more importantly, the goal was to have -- for the first time in my life -- the full untethered power of online music mastery in my hands. Want a song? Select it -- from anywhere, without my previous need to always leap back to my PC.

And, now that goal has been realized -- and paradise found! Now, for the first time, I have the full power of music freedom in my hands. Now, I can dial in my music remotely -- via my Sonos system -- from inside, outside, wandering around on my deck. Conclusion? Worth every penny. Love it, love it, love it.

Rhapsody? No problem. Pandora? Absolutely. Sirius Satellite Radio. Why not? My iTunes music library? Of course. All these choices, and so much more -- and all of these EASILY and elegantly dialed in on our iPad, iTouch, iPhones (via apps) -- complete with great cover art, artist info.

THAT's the power of technology -- that's the power of the Internet. Freedom.

Freedom to enjoy your music -- and discover new music -- anytime, anywhere. That, to me, is truly priceless.