Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh No, My Family's Brains Have Been LoJOBsimized!

A funny thing happened to my family and me when we traveled to Santa Fe this weekend for a family event. There are 4 of us -- my wife, Luisa and our two kids Hunter and Luca -- and each of us sat adjacent to one another in one row on the plane.

Here's the seating arrangement -- from left to right -- Luca (my little man who's not so little anymore), Luisa (my beautiful and ever-patient wife), Hunter (my dramatic princess) and then me (across the aisle in the other aisle seat). And, here's what we were doing just prior to take-off -- Luca on our iPad; Luisa on her iPhone; Hunter on her iPod; and me on my MacBook.

My family -- a walking testimonial and billboard for Apple! Steve Jobs -- look what you've done to us!

And, as I looked around me chuckling, we weren't the only ones ...

... that's why I just bought Apple stock a few weeks back. The Apple faithful only continues to grow and grow (as does my family's collection of Apple products ...).