Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LG Sparks Yet Another Major Sorenson Partnership

Yet another major Sorenson Spark codec partnership to report -- this time with CE giant LG. Details here in our press release that just hit the wires -- click here.

LG is the latest global powerhouse to recognize Spark's key role in unlocking the widest world of Internet video on mobile devices. Over 1 billion videos on the Internet have been encoded with Spark -- and those videos need Spark on the decoding side to enable playback for consumers.

LG joins a long list of major Spark partnerships announced just in the past year (several of which are mobile partnerships). These include: Qualcomm, Samsung, Lenovo, Verizon, Pantech, VeriSilicon, RipCode, VisualOn, Imagination Technologies, Ittiam, Chips&Media, and NXP Semiconductors. Why? In the words of a top executive at Pantech, "Sorenson Spark is recognized in the mobile device market as a leading provider of complete mobile packages ... that help to deliver an even more full video experience to our customers."

Congratulations to Doug Cebik of our Sorenson team who continues his long line of successes in forging successful partnerships.