Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorenson Sparks Yet Another Major Mobile Partnership - This Time with Korean Powerhouse Pantech

Score another major mobile partnership for Sorenson Media -- this time with leading Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech. Pantech has joined the ever-growing list of global mobile phone powerhouses to license our Sorenson Spark video codec -- in Pantech's case, to power video playback across its family of mobile devices. Pantech is the latest mobile company to have recognized the pivotal role Spark plays in the global video eco-system. Click here to read today's official press announcement.

In a prepared statement, Pantech's executive vice president Joon-Woo Lee said that "Sorenson Spark is recognized in the mobile device market as a leading provider of complete mobile video packages." He further indicated, "As we continue to incorporate the best software and other services into our products, Sorenson Spark was a good fit in helping us deliver an even more full video experience to our customers."

Congratulations to Doug Cebik and his team for yet another big partnership win.

Expect more several other significant Sorenson Spark-related announcements very very soon ....