Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shutterfly & Sorenson Media Partner to Pack a Powerful 1-2 Video Punch

Today, on the heels of yesterday's big Q2 news, we are very pleased to announce a significant strategic development -- i.e., our new partnership with personal publishing and social sharing site Shutterfly, THE industry leader hands down. We, at Sorenson Media, are proud that Shutterfly selected our new Sorenson 360 online video platform over all others to exclusively power all of its video services. Let's face it -- all OVPs wanted this one. We feel honored to be the chosen one.

How did this partnership happen?

First, the two companies have a long legacy of -- and shared commitment to -- quality, innovation and customer service. Both have trusted brands and are proven, established, rock solid, successful -- each innovating in their respective spaces for nearly a decade or more.

Another reason? Both companies understand the meaning of "partnership" in every sense of the word. That is not just a line. That makes a difference. And, many companies simply don't know how to partner successfully.

Here's another reason for me -- one much more personal. I have been a loyal Shutterfly customer since 2002 and personally can attest to the company's absolute commitment to quality and customer service. I am selfishly thrilled to know that my family videos -- our prized cherished (yet vulnerable) video memories -- are safe, secure and in the best possible hands for quality. You only have one shot to do it right with your family memories -- you need to make sure you are entrusting them with the right service -- that the service will "be there." I know Shutterfly. And, I know our video solutions (and the unique talent behind them). I know this is the best service possible. And, I know we will be here.

Click here to read the official press release announcing our deal.

Obviously, this has been a very eventful week here at Sorenson Media. Today, Shutterfly. Yesterday, we announced our Q2 results -- a "three-peat" -- i.e., third straight quarter of 40+% revenue growth year-over-year.

And, we're just getting started ...