Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a 3-Peat -- Sorenson Media Finishes 3rd Straight Quarter of 40+% Revenue Growth

We just closed the books on Q2 2010 at Sorenson Media. And, I am pleased to report that we finished Q2 with 40+% year-over-year revenue growth over Q2 2009 -- this marks our third straight quarter of 40% or more year-over-year revenue growth. And, I can tell you this -- we finished this past quarter with growth well over 40% from the prior year -- and with continued growth across all product lines, including Sorenson 360, Sorenson Squeeze, and Sorenson Spark.

I am proud of the team's many other accomplishments this past quarter as well -- including:

(1) the long-awaited launch of 360 v2, our first enterprise-grade online video platform and total video solution;

(2) our unprecedented day 1 support of the new Google-supported WebM format across all of our product lines (whereas other OVPs announced eventual support, rather than actual support on day 1);

(3) our day 1 support of the iPad;

(4) our break-neck pace of mobile solutions development, including our new "Sorenson Smash" app specifically developed for the iPad;

(5) we now also have direct untethered video uploads to Sorenson 360 and local video management on and sharing from the iPhone;

(6) several significant new partnerships (including Google/WebM, Amazon AWS, ProKarma, SEO.com, Digitaria, etc.);

(7) continued significant expansion of our Sorenson Spark licensing partnerships;

(8) the long-awaited announcement of Squeeze Server Edition (and our new and fast-expanding beta program for Squeeze Server -- suffice it to say, that demand for Squeeze Server is outpacing our high expectations);

(9) our continued hiring in both our San Diego and Salt Lake City offices to address the unprecedented demand we are seeing for our overall services; and

(10) continuing visibility to and understanding of our company's unique role in the online video eco-system by the press, including USA Today.

Yes, we are pleased with Q2 -- it is the result of outstanding dedication, passion and innovation by an outstanding team. The talent and expertise at our company are truly remarkable.

Are we having fun and do we love what we do? You bet.

But, are we satisfied? No way. Never. There is so much more to do ... this is just the beginning ...