Friday, July 09, 2010

5 Billion Mobile Subscriptions Worldwide! Imagine the Mobile Video Opportunity

Ericcson -- the technology and services provider for carriers -- now estimates that there are 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide -- and 2 million new mobile subscriptions each day! That's nearly one mobile subscription for every man, woman and child in the world -- absolutely mind-boggling.

These are not all smart-phone related, of course. Nonetheless, imagine the scope and magnitude of the mobile video capture opportunity in the years ahead as these subs migrate over to next-gen mobile hardware and faster networks (a migration that is accelerating exponentially as we speak). The iPhone 4 represents a paradigm shift in this tidal wave opportunity -- I wrote about this yesterday (here is the link).

And, imagine the need for both consumers and business users alike to archive, manage, and share those videos from the Cloud -- easily -- and with the highest quality. Now, THAT's an opportunity we can sink our teeth into. And, we already are ...