Thursday, July 08, 2010

Those Loony Minnesotans -- "The Internet is Over", Proclaimeth Prince

Ahh, my home state -- the land of 10,000 lakes -- the land of those heart-breaking Vikings -- the land of underdogs (Minnesota Twins -- 2X World Series Champs with no payroll) -- the land that chose, of all things, a burrowing rodent (the gopher) to be the mascot of my alma mater ... the land mocked by its own in the movie "Fargo" don'tcha know (interesting side-note: the Coen Brothers' father was my Econ teacher at the U of M). Our state bird is the Loon for god's sake -- how appropriate is that for the loony schizophrenic legacy we have? The State, my state (I grew up there), definitely dances to the beat of its own drummer ... as Kramer says to Seinfeld, "We're Out There Jerry, and We're Loving It!"

Just think about it ... Jesse "The Body" Ventura as Governor, comedian and SNL alumnus Al Franken as Senator, bodysnatched pod person Barbara Bachman as Congressperson ... and on ... and on .... Who are these people? Who is this State? First, Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale ... and now Jesse and Barbara and Al? Oh My!

And, now this. Our beloved Prince. The Purple one himself. The man who single-handedly put Minnesota on the map in terms of music. He now doth proclaimeth that "the Internet is Over!" Tell me oh Purple one -- what do you know that the rest of us don't?

Fellow Minnesotans ... what will we do next? Finally Win the Super Bowl? You betcha'?????

Not if those Purple People Eaters -- our beloved Vikings -- follow the prognostications of purple power mogul Prince ...

I'll go out on a limb ... the Internet still has some legs ...

The Coming Mobile Video Explosion & Massive Need for Video Management & Private Sharing

Yet again, Apple is changing everything ...

Mobile music via the iPod ... check.

Smart phones via the iPhone ... check.

Tablets via the iPad ... check.

And now, mobile HD video capture and playback. Welcome to the world of the iPhone 4.

Yes, others have done it before (they usually do). But, in the immortal lyrics of Carly Simon, "Nobody Does it Better." Apple is the game-changer. And, Apple is changing the game both with mobile video capture and live mobile video via FaceTime; my post is about the former.

If you think we have lots of UGC video around us now, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Even before the iPhone 4 launched in June, 34% of mobile phone users in the U.S. used their "phones" for video capture -- nearly double the 19% number from the year before! And, YouTube just announced that over 100 million videos per day (yes, day!) are played back on mobile phones.

And, now Apple comes along with mobile HD video capture. Now, the "all in one" smart phone that you carry with you at all times is there for "point and shoot" spontaneously, anytime, anywhere. Just think of the volume! The growth of consumer video capture will hockey stick exponentially (yes, "hockey stick" is intended to be a verb here) -- not linearly. Make no mistake -- easy-to-use HD mobile video capture represents a paradigm shift. This is huge. I rarely say this -- but, this is an absolute certainty.

This presents a huge problem for consumers -- and huge opportunity for those in the mobile eco-system to problem solve -- i.e., the absolute need to auto upload those HD videos into the cloud for private (PRIVATE is critical here) archiving, management and sharing (and sharing on all platforms, including in the living room and on the big screen). Without that kind of private solution, consumers will be simply overwhelmed the cacophony of videos. (Note the emphasis of "private" here -- YouTube is not enough -- consumers will not want the majority of their videos publicly viewable by the whole world.)

I am pleased to report that we at my company, Sorenson Media, already have solved that problem as part of our Sorenson 360 video platform -- direct mobile video publishing, management, sharing, with the highest quality (our hallmark) in the Cloud. More on this need -- and our solution -- in my next post.

Stay tuned -- and don't be afraid to capture video from your handset -- your solution is here and now.