Friday, July 02, 2010

Apple v. Google's Next Epic Battle? The Cloud

Apple's long-predicted move to the Cloud with iTunes is coming soon, according to several reliable sources including TechCrunch. I have written about cloud-based iTunes several times -- and why that move is both necessary and inevitable. Local storage simply does not work in a word of proliferating premium content, which includes HD video.

Of course, Google already lives in the Cloud -- and, it too soon will launch its own Cloud-based entertainment service -- Google Music. Both services apparently will enable intuitive wireless untethered syncing with devices. Cutting the cord, if you will.

So, once again, the epic battle between Apple and Google accelerates -- and with Microsoft nowhere in sight. Who will win? Apple certainly has a tremendous head-start with iTunes and its existing millions of users (is tremendous the right word here? Or, is it insurmountable?). But, Google is Google ...

... I may buy stock in both.