Wednesday, June 23, 2010

YouTube's Monumental Legal Defeat of Viacom's $1 Billion+ Copyright Case ... for Now ...

Score a monumental (and, to me, surprising) victory for Google's legal team -- and a monumental Internet copyright infringement case in general! YouTube has convinced a federal judge to toss out Viacom's $1 billion dollar plus copyright infringement suit prior to trial -- in what is known as the summary judgment phase. More here from NewTeeVee -- click here.

Huge victory for Google, yes!

Case over? Not on your life.

Expect immediate appeals by Viacom's legal team.

(By the way -- why was this surprising to me? Because the judge tossed this out PRE-trial on summary judgment, which is quite rare; given the issues and discovery to date in the case, I had assumed that the judge definitely would send it to trial -- at which time the parties would settle ...)