Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apple WILL Build Its Own TV -- And, Google Made Them Do It!

Make no mistake -- Apple WILL build its own TV. Not a set-top box. Not Apple TV as we know it today (what Steve Jobs calls "a hobby"). Rather, a beautiful, pristine, all-in-one flat-screen TV that seamlessly marries the user experience/software with the hardware. Apple knows how to officiate these kinds of successful marriages, because they have done it time and time and time again (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iAmSureIFailedToMentionOthers). I have previously blogged about the inevitability of this "real" all-in-one Apple TV or iTV experience (here is the link again). I don't know when it is coming, but I bet it's coming sooner than we think -- my guess is in the next year.

Don't get me wrong, this was inevitable in any event -- Apple covets your living room as being the next great untamed frontier! Billions of dollars are at stake -- billions more than just about any other frontier.

But, as I previously observed, Google just recently raised the stakes in a big way with Google TV. Click here to see how Google itself describes Google TV via a guided video tour. Google covets your living room as well for obvious reasons (I describe them here) -- and enlisted an A-Team of others (Intel, Sony and Logitech) to make this full frontal assault.

This is why the growing feud -- and gulf -- between Apple and Google has gotten personal (Steve Jobs recently dismissed Google TV as being an inevitable failure). It is a knock-down cage death match between these two behemoths.

Who will win? I think both ... there will be no single winner. Never is (although the iPod and iPhone are damn close). We consumers will win ultimately, of course -- higher quality video, truly intuitive and easy-to-use Internet TV in the living room, and more -- much more -- content choice, whenever and wherever you want it. (For those of you doubters out there questioning whether Apple really would build its own flat screen TVs, just think about the iPhone -- initially, there were many (you know who you are!) who didn't believe Apple would get into the business of making its own mobile phones.)

But, tell me this ... where are Microsoft and Sony in this equation? Microsoft is M.I.A. While Sony is just part of Google's world for now (Google will certainly welcome all others to join its party).