Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorenson Media in 3 Minutes -- Video Interview

Larry Kless interviewed me at the recent Streaming Media East show in NYC. He asked me what we do at Sorenson Media, why we do it, how we compete, how we are different from others, and how we plan to win.

(Thanks Larry -- but, please use Sorenson 360 next time!)

Apple's Ever-Expanding iPad/iPhone Content Control -- Oh Yeah, It's About Google Too

The last two days, I have written about Apple's new Safari 5 browser -- which has received scant media attention, but which represents a direct line of attack against content owners and advertisers.

Well, surprise surprise -- Apple's ever-expanding content control freakishness is also about Google (move over Adobe!), as Apple has now implemented new rules that prevent developers from sharing iPad and iPhone usage data with many third party ad networks -- including Google's AdMob ad network for mobile devices. What does that mean? It means that Apple's new iAds mobile ad network will trump most others for iPad and iPhone users.

The Apple v. Google knock-down cage match continues ...

(and, isn't it interesting that Microsoft is nowhere to be found these days in any of these conversations?)