Monday, June 07, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4 Makes Cisco's Head "Flip"

Steve Jobs today announced the new iPhone 4 -- no surprise there.

And, as I expected (here's my blog from earlier today), video capture and calling is now front and center (the headline story, in fact). Now, the 4G is about HD video capture and management. And, now, there are cameras on both sides -- why? For live video calling of course! (Something I anticipated in December 2006 and am happy to see finally here!). The iPhone's version of iChat is called FaceTime.

So, industry blog NewTeeVee asks the provocative question -- "Did Apple's iPhone 4 Just Kill the Flip" (Cisco's Flip that is -- which Cisco paid $590 million to acquire merely 1.5 years ago)?

While "Kill" is a strong word, it certainly isn't a good day for the Flip. I have always doubted the Flip's long-term viability as a stand-alone video recording device. I have always felt that mobile video capture ultimately would become merely another feature -- an important one to be sure -- but just another feature in a compelling smart phone.

And, THE single most compelling smart phone remains the iPhone -- which just got a whole lot more compelling ...

I See This -- iChat on iPhone Announced Today -- Mobile Video Chat Revenues $3.4 Billion by 2015

I have always believed in the promise -- and ultimate reality -- of a massive live mobile video chat marketplace. Not only one-to-one live mobile video chat -- but also one-way live "See What I'm Seeing" mobile video (imagine being at a concert, for example).

A new report just issued by respected tech industry blog Gigaom backs this up -- in a big way. It predicts mobile video chat revenues to reach $3.4 Billion by 2015.

In my view, Apple will be a significant driver in the mainstreaming of mobile video chat, in much the same way it has mainstreamed mobile music (with the iPod), mobile truly smart phones (with the iPhone), and most recently mobile tablet computing (with the iPad).

And, one of my predictions for big announcements later today by Steve Jobs will be just that -- i.e., that Apple's new iPhone 4G will feature iChat and video cameras on both sides. I first made this prediction in December 2006. Okay, I was a bit early, but I always merely said that it was inevitable!

In other words, the sea change begins later today ...