Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Google's Shopping Spree -- On2, Gizmo & Now GIPS -- Keepin' It Real(Time)

First, On2. Then, Gizmo. And now, GIPS (Global IP Solutions).

Google is on a tear -- on a real-time video and voice communications shopping spree.

Everyone in the video biz knows about On2 -- the deal was announced in Q3 2009 but only closed earlier this year. Gizmo -- a VoIP start-up founded and overseen by serial entrepreneur Michael Robertson -- was a Q4 2009 acquisition. And, Google has just announced that is acquiring GIPS -- one of the leaders in technology powering real-time video and voice communications -- for $68 million in cold hard cash.

All names I know well from my days heading up real-time video and voice chat pioneer SightSpeed, which is now part of the Logitech family. And all now in the loving arms of Google.