Monday, May 10, 2010

OVPs Are NOT Commodities! (At Least We Don't Think So ...) Announcing Sorenson 360 v2!

Some online video platform (OVP) providers believe that cloud-based enterprise-grade video services are commodities. That they are fungible.

We at Sorenson Media do not.

We believe that quality online video services are never a commodity -- that quality matters -- and that offering high quality online video solutions is ever-more critical to the mission of every business, no matter what size.

To that end, today, we introduce "Sorenson 360 v2" -- our differentiated OVP that is a full frontal assault on the enterprise market. It re-imagines what an OVP should be. It is s a total video solution. It ain't me too. And, it launches precisely one year to the day we introduced our OVP to the SMB marketplace. Click here to read our press release.

This is not your father's Sorenson 360 -- this is significantly redesigned, significantly expanded, significantly enterprise-grade ... and we believe significantly differentiated from the scores of other OVPs in the marketplace.

(1) First, only Sorenson 360 v2 boasts Sorenson Media's long-recognized award-winning video quality. How do we do it? Among other things, our famous Sorenson Squeeze encoding engine. While virtually all others use open-source FFmpeg and treat video encoding as an afterthought, we do not. We know how critical encoding is to video quality. But, that does not mean added complexity. There is none. You simply get the highest quality video ... every time;

(2) From the time you visit our re-designed website -- to the time you first use Sorenson 360 v2 -- we believe that our new OVP boasts the best overall enterprise user experience. We sweat the details -- both by significantly enhanced "under-the-hood" performance, as well as by overall aesthetic, intuitive navigation, and ease of use. As we like to say, "easy is hard" -- to make things easy-to-use takes ingenuity and innovation. Just because Sorenson 360 v2 comes packed with enterprise features doesn't mean that you need to wade deep into a deep morass of confusion. We think we got it right -- but, you be the judge ... put us through the paces;

(3) Speaking of mission-critical enterprise features, Sorenson 360 v2 boasts a significantly expanded and differentiated overall feature enterprise-ready feature set. Because we have a rich decade-plus history meeting the needs of the enterprise market (we have served the enterprise market for years both with our Sorenson Spark video codec and Sorenson Squeeze video encoding application), we listened to our existing customer base of tens of thousands of enterprise customers to integrate and prioritize those features that they want and need. These new features include complete sub-account functionality, a rich robust and fast CMS, auto-generated playlists, RTMP streaming with unlimited data rates, fully customizable players, social media sharing, automated SEO tools, Drupal and WordPress plug-ins, ad network plug-ins and so much more (click here for an in-depth discussion of features);

(4) Mobile, did I hear you asking about mobile support? Absolutely. And, we think we do it right and differently. We were the first to be iPhone and iPad compatible -- working in the field on day 1. How do we do it? Intelligent embed codes. We generate a single short embed code so that your videos playback on virtually any platform and device. So, relax -- don't be confused by all the noise out there. We got you covered. Our single embed codes automatically detect what device users are using and use the appropriate player accordingly for a seamless experience. Because of our innovative approach, you can also be sure that we can support virtually any other new device that comes on the market ahead of the pack -- that's how we were able to do it immediately with the iPad;

(5) Here's more great news for businesses of any size. Just because we pack all this in does not mean that we cost more. In fact, we don't -- we cost less! We now further differentiate ourselves from the pack by offering "pay-as-you-go" pricing and all of these features to all. Other OVPs force business users into tiered buckets of features, storage and bandwidth that THEY define -- and escalate pricing accordingly. We do not. We offer significantly expanded baseline features. And, we charge only for storage and bandwidth that you use. But, if your specific business needs more customization -- or more industry-unique video solutions like our Sorenson SquishNet "Youtube-in-box" solution, we can design and develop essentially any video solution you want using our rich and robust APIs;

(6) We add even more by leveraging the strengths of our world-class partners -- several of which we announce for the first time now. First, our cloud solution uses Amazon Web Services -- just recognized for being the leader in innovation itself. But, we also now partner with industry leaders ProKarma for expanded mobile video solutions; YuMe for ad network integration; to augment our overall search engine optimization tool set; Digitaria to augment our customization capabilities; and many more. And, expect us to continuously announce new partnerships to uniquely serve the needs of enterprises.

That's a lot, but I haven't covered it all. You need to check it out for yourselves -- and let me know what you think.

And, all of this comes from the most trusted name in online video -- Sorenson Media. We alone in the OVP market have innovated for over a decade, being a significant driver in the mainstreaming of Internet video (the first video technology used by Apple Quicktime, Macromedia/Adobe Flash, YouTube; and the gold standard video encoding application for years. We alone have built a long-term profitable business with our portfolio of best-in-class products and video solutions. We alone have long-recognized differentiated technology that enables us to offer solutions that give the enterprise the highest quality video experience (and let's face it, unlike others, we believe delivering the highest quality possible matters -- because, for the enterprise, quality is credibility; it reflects on your products, your services, your brand, your company).

We believe all of this matters. Enterprises should feel safe when they entrust their video assets with an OVP. With Sorenson Media, you're in good hands (hope you don't mind me using that line Allstate). You are with innovators of best-in-class video solutions. And, we will be here in the future.

Ultimately, we at Sorenson Media are passionate about meeting the video needs of the enterprise, as well as the needs of businesses of any size. And, we are passionate about developing the best possible and most innovative high quality video solutions.

But, enough about what we believe. You tell us. Take us out for a spin against anyone else -- put us through our paces.

And, let us know what you think.