Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apple v. Gizmodo -- The Raid on the Reporter's Home MUST Be a Coincidence!

Last week, the entire tech world -- at least it certainly seemed that way -- was abuzz about the unprecedented leak of the next-generation iPhone 4G ("an Apple employee walks into a bar with a camouflaged iPhone ...). Leading tech blog Gizmodo broke the news and unprecedented numbers flocked to its site.

Now, in a shocking development (really shocking in my view), it has been reported that a special California task force known as "REACT" flocked to the Gizmodo reporter's home on Friday night, raided it, and carted off several computers. That's quite a REACTion to a reporter's factual reporting of property that everyone concedes was inadvertently left at a bar in full public view.

What diligence! What motivation! Glad to see this special REACT task force acting independently to pursue property in a public bar (raiding the reporter's home when he was not at home no less)!

Oh, wait a second. What was that? Apple itself is on the Steering Committee of REACT?

Ahh, that's just a coincidence ...

Apple is not THAT powerful ...