Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Award-Winning Partnership With Amazon Made In the Cloud (Even if Not Quite in Heaven)

My company's OVP (online video platform) service, Sorenson 360, hooks into Amazon's Cloudfront as its default content delivery network (CDN) on the back-end. And, I am pleased to report that Cloudfront has been named one of Streaming Media's Top 10 "Editor's Picks" of 2010. That means that enterprises get the best of both worlds when they pick Sorenson Media's award-winning video solutions (which include our OVP/video delivery network (VDN) service) -- Streaming Media's "Readers' Choice" award for 3 years running (Sorenson Media) and Streaming Media's "Editor's Pick" (Amazon Cloudfront) -- a partnership that may not quite be made in heaven, but certainly is made in the cloud!

We will be showcasing our best in class video solutions, together with Amazon and Adobe, at the upcoming Streaming Media East show. Get more information about our free training classes with these partners by clicking this link.