Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorenson Media & NAB Partnership to Offer Highest Quality, Better Relevance & Searchability to Online Video

The news keeps rolling in ... lots of exciting stuff to report last week, and more this week.

Today is day 1 of the NAB Conference in Vegas -- National Association of Broadcasters. We will be there all week -- meet us at pod in the South Upper Hall of the Convention Center (Booth # SU9506P).

And, to kick off NAB, we -- together with leading search engine optimization firm -- are announcing a partnership to offer each other's industry-leading services to our respective customers. Now, Sorenson Media 360 users not only have the ability to optimize their videos within their CMS (content management system), they also have the opportunity to work closely with to enhance the relevance and searchability of their videos. users, on the other hand, now will benefit from Sorenson Media's online video expertise and solutions (including its Sorenson 360 online video platform and other customized enterprise solutions).

This is a big deal. While other OVPs may offer some flavor of SEO support, only Sorenson Media and Sorenson 360 now offer their customers an integrated approach to higher quality, relevance and searchability to their online video. And, as discussed in the press release -- click here -- SEO is imperative to maximize the effectiveness of your video investment and optimize monetization of your overall business.