Monday, March 29, 2010

OVPs and CDNs Offer Different, Yet Complementary, Solutions That Enterprises Need for Their Online Video

Tim Sigline of Streaming Media today gives an interesting perspective about OVPs and CDNs -- and expresses a view that the line between the two may be blurring.

Here is my take from Sorenson Media's perspective, since we offer OVP (online video platform) services (Sorenson 360), among others:

We have no desire to BE a CDN (content delivery network); in fact, we partner for CDN services rather than build ourselves. And, from our direct experience, CDNs absolutely need our kind of differentiated TOTAL video solutions to meet their fast accelerating demand from businesses and enterprises for high quality Internet video. Just like we recognize that we don't have CDN expertise, CDNs recognize that they don't have our kind of critical video expertise, technology and solutions. And, this is how great complementary partnerships are made -- we offer CDNs what they need and don't have; and CDNs (in particular AWS, our CDN and storage partner) offer the content delivery we need so that we can offer the most robust global content delivery for our users.

To be more precise, here are just some some significant things that we can uniquely do and CDNs alone cannot (but need to provide for their customers): (1) directly address the video professional's and enterprise's entire video workflow -- from video production all the way to distribution; (2) proprietary client-side encoding/transcoding technology and expertise, which is absolutely necessary for highest quality video and expedited publishing into the cloud (which is of growing importance and differentiation with the thirst for HD video); (3) player customization, SEO (search engine optimization), review and approval, and all the myriad other critical features absolutely necessary for the enterprise; (4) video management via a robust CMS; (5) fully customizable total video solutions for the enterprise including not only our OVP component (i.e., Sorenson 360), but also all of our other unique video technologies and solutions (Sorenson Squish, Squishnet, etc. -- client-side encoding in the browser and "YouTube in a Box" solutions -- and our professional services); and (6) full "community" features and exchanges (i.e., a place where video professionals gather and directly address each other's needs).

Bottom line -- OVPs and CDNs do not see themselves as being the same kind of "animals" at all. But, both recognize that the CUSTOMER's needs and wants are blurring and that they need the seamless integration of both.