Thursday, March 18, 2010

Google, Sony, Intel & Logitech Give Apple (& Cable Companies) a Slice of Reality TV

Score 1 -- a major 1 -- for Google in its escalating war against Apple for your hearts and minds. This time, for your living room.

In a major -- MAJOR -- strategic initiative, Google is working with tech/consumer electronics titans Sony, Intel and Logitech to finally make Internet TV a wide-spread reality. No longer will the promise of compelling Internet-to-your-TV be in the hands of Apple only (or via countless other clunky smaller initiatives). Now, Sony (the TVs), Logitech, (the remote controls), and Intel (powerful chipsets) will pool their massive resources with Google's beyond-massive resources to make this a near-term reality (Reality TV for Apple?). Testing already has been ongoing, apparently, with satellite company Dish Networks.

What does this mean? Certainly it is a call to arms for Apple. Apple TV, to date, has not seemingly been a priority for the company. Well, Google's announcement certainly is a major wake-up call -- Apple wants your living room badly.

But, this strategic partnership of tech titans also is another major shot across the bow for cable companies. Google, of course, aims to make all content of whatever type searchable -- and that includes television programming. In other words, Google believes in "over-the-top" Internet TV (TV "freely" available over via your standard broadband Internet connection) -- whereas the cable giants seek to block such open access to television programming via their traditional IPTV "walled garden" approach in (closed access to television programming only for those who pay the cable companies). The stakes are extremely high here -- at the risk of stating the obvious. And, I have always believed -- as I have written several times -- that Internet TV will ultimately carry the day.

Well, Google TV accelerates this reality in a big, big, big way ...

This ain't good for a lot of major players ...