Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner & Drinks On Us at LA's ESPN Zone! (Together With Partners Amazon & Digitaria)

What better way to spend St. Patrick's Day?

Next Wednesday night, March 17 from 6-10 pm, Sorenson Media -- together with partners Amazon (AWS) and leading agency Digitaria -- will host a Cloud Computing dinner and drink event at LA's ESPN Zone (at the Staples Center). Click here for more information about this event.

Learn more about our total video solutions for enterprise -- and how we partner with the best -- to give you the best.

If interested -- and to get on the VIP guest list -- send a note to my attention at

Sorenson Media -- Our Pushbutton Digital Media Summit "Spiel"

Yesterday, as indicated in my previous post, I presented as one of the "Hot" Utah-based companies at the Pushbutton Digital Media Summit.

Click here for the slide deck that accompanied my 15-minute "spiel." It gives a good high level overview of who we are -- what we have done -- what we do -- and why we matter.

Salt Lake City -- The "Quiet" Hub of Digital Media

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are the home of much digital media and technology, it's true. But, that also means that hundreds/thousands of companies vie for a limited talent pool.

Very quietly -- too quietly to date -- another important hub for technology and digital media has risen, this time amidst the mountains of Salt Lake City. This is where tech titans Adobe, Novell, Omniture and countless others got their start. And, this is where my company, Sorenson Media, got its start over a decade ago (we now have roughly half our team in Salt Lake, and the other half in San Diego).

Yesterday and today, Utah's robust digital media community is finally showing its stripes -- showcasing itself in the first Pushbutton Digital Media Summit. I had the privilege of meeting the Governor and presenting Sorenson Media at the event -- and, on my panel (the regions "Hot" companies), I had the pleasure of meeting David Bradford, CEO of Fusion-io, among others. Fusion-io describes itself as offering the "world's fastest storage device."

How strong is the talent in the Salt Lake City region? Just look at Fusion-io. In a pure fortuity -- are there any coincidences? -- just before yesterday's panel the Wall Street Journal issued its Top 50 venture-backed companies in the world ... and Fusion-io was listed as #2.

Congratulations to David and his team at Fusion-io. And, good work in bringing some well-deserved and long-overdue visibility to the great digital media and technology talent on the other side of the mountains from Silicon Valley.

(FYI to other talented technology and digital media folks in the Salt Lake City region -- we at Sorenson Media continue to aggressively hire top talent -- see and submit your resume.)