Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Developers -- Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sorenson Media's API -- Build It & They Will Come

Big big news today on the Sorenson Media front -- we have now opened up our API to any and all developers! That's right, we now have our API freely available for development, complete with robust documentation to make it easy, easy, easy to integrate our differentiated high quality Total Video Solutions. Click here to our new Developer site -- and click here for more specifics from our press release that just hit the wires. And, most importantly, click here to hear what some outside developers are saying about our Sorenson API (you can see these in the "Videos" section of the Developer site).

Our open access to developers and our API is the result of a lot of blood and sweat (but no tears), since simplicity and robust documentation ruled the day as we planned for this day. Kudos to CTO Mike Flathers and his team for leading the charge here -- we had the full weight of our company behind this strategic initiative (you will see that our new "Developers" section is front and center with its own tab on our home page). Mike knows developers -- he spends significant time with outside developers and has been doing this longer than just about anyone. He knows what developers want and need.

So, now developers have full access to Sorenson Media's Total Video Solutions, including our Sorenson 360 video delivery network (VDN), which re-imagines what an online video platform should be.

Developers, enjoy! We anxiously await your feedback.