Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On2 Shareholders Google "Deal Done" -- Acquisition Approved

BREAKING NEWS -- On2 shareholders today finally approved the acquisition by Google. This is big news in the online video world and has potential significant ramifications (that I will discuss more later). The acquisition's actual closing date apparently is February 19.

Sorenson Media -- "Like a Rock"

Stability is critical as video professionals and businesses select their video platform provider. Sesame Vault -- an OVP itself -- presents a cautionary tale in this regard. The company earlier today put itself on the eBay auction block after it failed to get additional funding. Think about that! What happens to your videos when your platform goes out of business? (UPDATE -- starting bid on eBay for Sesame Vault is $500,000 -- no takers yet.) To be clear in this particular case, Sesame Vault may have a plan to migrate its customers' videos elsewhere, but the basic point remains -- in the immortal words of Allstate, are your videos "in good hands"?

Now think about Sorenson Media and our differentiated online video platform and overall total video solutions, which we together call our Sorenson 360 video delivery network or VDN. In our relevant space, we alone have been in business for well over 10 years (15 actually now). And, only we have had a long history of profitability.

So, whether it's the words of Allstate -- or Chevrolet (channeling Bob Seger's words "Like a Rock") -- your prized video assets are safe and secure with us.

YouTube Ain't Even 5 Years Old! Online Video Is Still a Toddler

In one of my last posts, I wrote something that I say all the time to anyone who will listen (and even to those who try not to!) -- i.e., online video is only in the 2nd inning of a 9 inning game. In other words, although online video already is such a pervasive part of our lives, it is still early, early, early -- as they say, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

How early?

This early -- it seems like YouTube has been here with us forever, doesn't it? But it ain't even 5 years old yet. Did you get that? YOUTUBE AIN'T EVEN 5 YEARS OLD YET!

So, although sometimes it seems like we've seen it all, the reality is that online video is just moving beyond its toddler years. Creators will amaze with new forms of high quality video content that we can't yet even imagine. This video will entertain. This video will showcase. This video will tell a story. And, most of all, this video will engage -- in a way that nothing else can. Not text. Not pictures.

That is the power of video.

And, that is why we have fun doing what we are doing in this industry.