Monday, February 15, 2010

Samsung Sparks Partnership with Sorenson Media

Today, we at Sorenson Media have another exciting blue-chip partnership to announce -- with consumer electronics giant Samsung in connection with Sorenson Spark, the world's most ubiquitous video codec.

We are gratified to be partnered with Samsung as it joins our family of blue-chip global partners.

Online Vid in Inning 2 and Long Tail Vid is Alive and Well

Online video is alive and well -- and, still early, early, early -- Inning 2 of a nine inning game. You want proof? Total videos viewed in the U.S. leaped from 14 billion to 33 billion in one year (December 2008 to December 2009). One year! Think about it -- we haven't even really begun to actively watch videos on mobile handsets.

And, long tail video thrives, with over 50% of all online video viewing falling outside the top 25 video sites according to comScore. This number will only grow each day, as virtually every business with an online presence will begin to prominently feature video -- front and center -- in the next couple years.

Of course, YouTube still has a strangle-hold on the lion's share, streaming more than 13 billion (that should be a capital "B"!) videos per month -- representing nearly 40% of total video streams. Number 2 site -- Hulu -- just crossed 1 billion.