Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sorenson Squeezes "5 Out of 5" Moos from the Cow

Hot off the presses -- one of the most respected publications for video professionals, Creative Cow, just awarded new Sorenson Squeeze 6 its coveted "5 out of 5 cow" rating! It doesn't get better than that!

In the Cow's own words -- after intensive analysis and comparison with other products (in particular, Apple's Compressor):

"The most dramatic upgrade for Squeeze in Sorenson Media's history has happened. It's Squeeze 6."

"Being a user and fan of the software, Squeeze 6 is the best version yet by far."

"The package really is more than just an encoder. It's a complete solution."

"In conclusion, I've been running Squeeze for a very long time, and gone through all of its updates through the years. But this upgrade stands apart. A new interface, a new upload and approval site, a preset exchange, more filters, Blu-Ray encoding, and very high quality (and much faster) encoding makes this the most important update to Squeeze ever."

"I can heartily recommend this professional level encoding software to anyone running on a Mac or a PC. There are versions for both."

"It's innovative, forward-thinking, and making the mysterious world of encoding a lot less esoteric."

"Run, don't walk to for more information. A winning piece of software any way you look at it."

"It's easy to give this product a 5 cow rating."

I am very proud of my team for their dedication, expertise, and continuous innovation. And, I am very pleased that the team continuously gets singled out for all of the above ... and more. This time by Creative Cow ...

John McCain's New Video "Wall" -- First-of-its-Kind Use of Internet Video in Politics

U.S. Senator John McCain just launched his new website --

And, digital media enthusiasts rejoice -- no matter what your politics, you will find something very very cool and very very novel when you visit the site -- i.e., an innovative new use of Internet video featured front and center. I am talking about the interactive video "wall" (the wall is featured on the bottom of the home page -- and when you click the "All Videos" button you link to the video wall at ) Check it out. With a click of your mouse, visitors to the site can (1) watch videos from other supporters, AND (2) easily add their own video to the wall with one-click if they so choose! All seamlessly from the site and within their browser!

I am proud to say that it is the continued ingenuity and innovation of my team at Sorenson Media that powered this novel way for political supporters to share their views and interact with each other through the powerful medium of Internet video. And, we know of no other political site/campaign that has ever done anything like this.