Monday, February 01, 2010

iPad -- Real Potential as a Communications Portal?

Today I link to a very interesting perspective on the true potential of Apple's new iPad -- as a paradigm-changing communications device. Whose perspective? None other than my friend, serial entrepreneur and former colleague Edo Segal, who wrote this "thought piece" for TechCrunch yesterday. Click here to read it -- it is worthwhile.

According to Edo, bigger really is better with the iPad -- and, a front-facing camera (which undoubtedly will be coming soon), has the potential to mainstream two-way video chat in a massive way. This aspect of his article is of particular interest to me, since I previously ran two way video chat leader SightSpeed (which was acquired by Logitech in late 2008).

As I said, I have known Edo for some time. In fact, Edo is the person who got me "into this mess" of running tech companies into the first place! (and, I am very thankful he did!) Edo founded eNow -- a company ahead of its time that was acquired by AOL -- and brought me on board at the beginning of 2000 to be his COO and business partner. Since I worked so closely with Edo I can tell you this -- the guy is brilliant. He is a visionary.

When he talks, people should listen (and they do, believe me). That's why he has an ongoing column at TechCrunch. And, that's why you really should read his piece about the iPad ...