Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Tablet is Coming! The Tablet is Coming! And We Will WILL It to Succeed

The battle cry rings out from tech patriots around the world -- "The Tablet is Coming, The Tablet is Coming!"

Apple's, that is.

When Steve Jobs talks, people listen.

Will Apple's Tablet revolutionize the world of print media in much the same way as the iPod did with music? In the inimitable words of my Magic 8-Ball, "All signs point to 'yes.'"

Why? Because sometimes things take on a life of their own. People simply BELIEVE -- and it is that belief that makes it happen. They essentially WILL it to happen (I wrote about the power of belief in leadership just a few days back).

In this case, people around the world simply believe in Apple ... in Steve Jobs ... in whatever vision he lays out. He is a great story-teller. So, we all listen. And, we believe. He was visionary and "right" before with the iPod, the iTouch, the Mac, so we believe in his vision and that he is "right" again. His "right-ness" is essentially pre-ordained.

In this case with the Tablet, it isn't just we consumers who believe. It is the content owners as well who will make or break (and, again, odds are "make") the Tablet's overall success (for a great perspective on the critical importance of the Tablet's content offerings, click on this link from TechCrunch). Print media is desperate for a business model in this brave new world of digital media, so they desperately are in need of a savior. And, they find one in Steve Jobs. And, they listen to his gospel. And, they have faith. And, so they believe.

The Tablet undoubtedly will be "pretty" and "sexy" as all Apple products are. But, that alone will not make it succeed. It is WE who make it succeed, because it is WE who believe. We will see others believe, and we will want to jump on the belief train. In the immortal words of Yul Brynner in the classic movie The Ten Commandments, "So Let It Be Written. So Let It Be Done."

THIS time, it is written on Apple's divine Tablet ...

Tech Downturn "Unofficially Over", According to the Forrester (& Not the Trees)

Forrester Research recently proclaimed the tech downturn to be "unofficially over," forecasting that the global IT spending will increase 8.1% in 2010 over 2009 (with software and computer hardware leading the charge). The industry stalwart further predicts that this significant and much-needed rebound will lead to an extended growth cycle, especially for technologies involving elements such as service-oriented architecture and cloud computing.

Hmmm, I like the way that sounds. We, after all, develop total video solutions that include services, cloud computing and award-winning software.

So, that's the way it is when the research firm looks at the Forrester and not the trees ...