Monday, January 25, 2010

On Leadership -- You Gotta Believe ... and Inspire by Belief

On the heels of the Vikings heartbreaking loss last night in over-time (due, in significant part, to a critical delay of game call ... are you kidding me?), my immensely talented VP Strategy and Marketing, Eric Quanstrom, sent me this article about leadership -- which uses football as the backdrop for some essential truths.

Ingredient #1 above all else? You simply gotta believe ... and you gotta get your team to believe. Through real sincere belief in the mission -- and visible passion in the quest -- you inspire. And, that is, in my humble opinion, at the very heart of leadership.

Back to football. Yes, the Vikings lost. But, they got to the NFC's "big show" -- the Championship. How? A primary reason is Brett Favre. He led the team. That guy is the most passionate and inspirational leader in football that I have ever seen. Yes, he can't decide what he wants to do (retire? play?). But, that's because he loves the game. He is a little kid in a 40 year old man's body. He leads by example -- by belief, by passion, by tenacity.

He is a poster child for leadership. I blogged about this before with Brett, because the guy is remarkable.

Now, who will fill that leadership vacuum for the Vikes next year if Favre finally does retire (which I am not so sure he will do)?