Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Napster Cat Coughs Up Chris Allen as New GM

You may recall that Napster -- the once-wild cat in the music industry -- was acquired and tamed by the "blue shirts" of Best Buy in October 2008. My old compadre from my Universal Studios days, Chris Gorog, ran the company (and its precursor, Roxio) for years up to now. Gorog has moved on to explore new opportunities and build new ventures in entertainment, media and tech.

And now, Chris Gorog's right-hand man Chris Allen, another old compadre from my Musicmatch days, has grabbed the cat by its whiskers. Rest assured Best Buy, your pet is in great hands. Allen is everything you want in an exec -- talented, creative, and dedicated. He also has been helping to shape the online music industry from its very inception. He will give the cat the care and feeding it needs to claw the competition.

(okay, enough feline imagery ... it was getting tedious even to me as I was writing it!)

Congratulations to both compadres!