Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Luise Rainer - The Last Great Hollywood Diva - Turns 100 Today!

Legendary Oscar winner Luise Rainer turns 100 today! And, her classic movies -- including "The Great Ziegfield" and "The Good Earth" -- for which she won back-to-back "Best Actress" Academy Awards -- run all day today on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Here is the link to TCM's website that gives some bio info and lists her movies.

I can tell you this -- she is a classic. She truly is the last great Hollywood Diva (Vanity Fair magazine called her as much in a feature story several years back).

She made her films. She wanted to do it her way. Legendary film boss Louis B. Mayer wanted to do it his way. So she told him to, um, take a hike. And she left Hollywood behind forever.

But, believe me, she continues to do it her way ...