Monday, January 11, 2010

A Football Break for My Blog -- It's Playoff Time After All!

This post isn't as much about digital media (although I could find a connection), as much as it is about my love for NFL football -- especially NFL Play-off football -- and especially this year, when my beloved Vikings actually have a chance to do something they have never done before (win the Super Bowl).

Okay, so I was 1 for 4 in my Wild Card picks this weekend -- I only got the Cowboys dismantling of the Eagles right (and was very surprised to see what I considered to be the most dangerous team in the NFL right now -- the Packers -- lose to the Cards (although they almost didn't)).

So, my picks for the upcoming Divisional Playoffs?

In the NFC, my Vikes will humiliate the Cowboys in the Thunder Dome (Tony Romo will be picked at least twice), and the Cards will send the Saints marching home. So, it will be the Vikes/Cards in the NFC Championship -- which will be in the Metrodome -- and my Vikes will head to Miami for the Super Bowl.

In the AFC, my AFC team -- the Chargers -- will easily knock off the Jets, and the Colts will squeak past the Ravens in a nail-biter. So, it will be the Chargers/Colts in the AFC Championship, and the Chargers -- on a continuing roll -- will beat back the Colts and head to Miami.

Vikings/Chargers in the Super Bowl ... in Miami. The Vikes are my team, and I live in San Diego.

Hmmm, do I need to go to the Super Bowl this year? Do I need to be in Miami to witness, first-hand, what we Minnesotans have never seen? Do I need to be there to finally shake that monkey off our city's backs?

Signs point to yes ...