Friday, January 08, 2010

Lady Gaga -- The Instant New Face of Polaroid?

Lady Gaga -- you love her, you hate her (I actually like much of her music and find her to be hilarious). She surely isn't shy.

And, that again was evident yesterday when she took the stage at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (CES). But, wait a second, she didn't take the stage to sing -- rather, she was on stage not only represent a tech company, but to take on an official role within a tech company! Did I read that right? Yes, I did -- Lady Gaga now is officially a "Creative Director" for a yet-unnamed line of tech products built around her "design aesthetic."

What a brilliant move! Isn't it? Well, uh ...

So, who is this visionary company that is filling its ranks with Lady Gaga?


Hmmm, Polaroid, I seem to recall that name ... oh yes, WHEN I WAS 7 YEARS OLD!

Let's face it, Polaroid -- an early (very early) tech pioneer -- was essentially steam-rolled and forgotten in the past decade (two decades?). I didn't even know they were still around. So, they gotta do something to shake things up. And, nothings screams tech cred like Lady Gaga. Forget the fact that Lady Gaga is the "flavor of the month" now, but the longevity of her brand in this day and age is, shall we say, suspect?

Polaroid's next announcement? Paris Hilton to come aboard to take the lead on long-term strategy.