Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sorenson 360 -- Major New Upgrade -- SEO, HD Video, Enhanced Customization!

On Monday we, at Sorenson Media, quietly rang in the New Year by giving significant new features to users of our "Sorenson 360" video delivery solution. These include: (1) SEO; (2) HD Video; and (3) further enhanced customization. You won't see these yet highlighted on our website, so you readers are the first to know about them.

And, Sorenson 360 users woke up Monday morning having to do nothing to benefit from this significant service upgrade -- they didn't need to download anything; they didn't need to pay any additional fees. These new features simply were there ... both to existing users and new users (including free trial-ers of the service). How cool is that?

Here's a partial list of new user benefits that now come as standard equipment in our highly reviewed and differentiated Sorenson 360 video delivery solution:

(1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -- now you have the tools you need to enhance Web performance of your videos (and, don't worry, you have full control to maximize Web performance of only those videos you want -- i.e., that means that your private locked down videos, and secure "review and approval" videos will not be automatically made public on the Web); we all know online video drives business success -- revenues -- by more effectively showcasing products and services than anything else; so, you want your videos to be as widely seen on the Internet as possible -- now you have the tools to make that happen;

(2) HD Video Player -- our "highest quality video" heritage and innovation continues with more important HD enhancements, including:

(i) new HD player sizes and embed codes (including two new HD options -- 1280 x 720 and 960 x 720) -- bigger is more impactful and, well, simply better;

(ii) custom player sizes and embed codes -- don't want your player sizes to be limited? No problem -- you can now easily generate customized embed codes that use player dimensions that YOU design (and, listen to this -- we have a new "instant preview" feature that shows you how your resized player looks before you publish it on your website).

(3) Unbranded "Review & Approval" & Permalink Pages -- we understand that you may not want your customers and clients to see Sorenson Media branding when they view your videos. So, what did we do about it? We've removed our branding from "Review & Approval" and Permalink pages.

(4) Downloadable Videos -- you asked for it, you got it. (Quite frankly, you should have had this long ago.) Now you can easily download all of your Sorenson 360 videos.

(5) Overall Design Enhancements -- all across the board, Sorenson 360 is now slicker and easier to use than ever. We already had the highest usability ratings in the industry, and our world-class creative/usability team knocked it out of the park again (well, at least we think so -- but you be the judge -- try newly enhanced Sorenson 360 for free and let us know what you like ... or don't like ... or further enhancements that you want -- believe me, we listen -- that's why we made these enhancements in the first place!).

All in all -- this is very big news, even though we have been kinda' quiet about it to date. But, that won't last long. Stay tuned. And, stay tuned for other significant announcements coming very soon.

Lots of good stuff happening here. Can't wait to be the first to tell you about them.