Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sorenson Media -- Ends 2009 with 50%+ Q4 Revenue Growth

It's been an exciting year at my company, Sorenson Media. I posted my own version of our 2009 "Greatest Hits" last week. Today, we just issued an official year-ending retrospective/press release that identifies our "Top 10" 2009 highlights.

And, hot off the presses, we are announcing our that our Q4 year-over-year revenue growth (Q4 2008 vis-a-vis Q4 2009) already is well over 50% -- suffice it to say, a great way to end this year and enter what we anticipate being an even more eventful year in our storied 15 year history.

In that regard, stay tuned for more exciting announcements soon after we enter the new year.

And, thanks to all for your support in 2009 -- it's been a fun ride so far ... and it's just beginning ... we are fast drivers!