Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sorenson Media v2009 -- The Year in Review -- Our Top 10 Highlights

It's end of year -- the holidays are upon us -- so it's a great time to step back and take a look at 2009, Sorenson Media-style. Bottom line -- 2009 was an exciting year for our company across the board. Here are just some of the highlights -- I call this our "Top 10 Highlights of the Year":

(1) a highlight for me, I joined the company as President & CEO in February and we significantly expanded our overall executive management team, which now includes Eric Quanstrom (VP Marketing & Strategy), David Dudas (VP Product Development), Mike Flathers (CTO), Charles Sismondo (VP Engineering), Kirk Punches (VP Sales), and Mark Ivins (Controller) -- a true "A Team" if ever I've seen one; we added other key hires to our already-all star team (including senior engineer Glenn Clapp who previously worked at our company) -- I would like to name each team member here, but space does not permit (but that doesn't detract from the fact that each person is critical -- we wouldn't be able to do anything close to what we do if that weren't the case);

(2) we expanded our business operations into the hub of digital media -- Southern California -- my backyard here in San Diego; we now have half the team here and can tap into the rich talent pools of both Salt Lake City and Southern California; we hired aggressively in both locations throughout the year -- and we are hiring aggressively now in both locations and across all departments;

(3) as a natural extension of our award-winning technology and services -- and because our customers demanded it -- we launched "Sorenson 360", our differentiated service that re-imagines what an online video platform (OVP) should be, to rave reviews;

(4) later in the year -- just recently in fact -- we launched our first major "point" release of our flagship Sorenson Squeeze product (v6.0) to more rave reviews and to our biggest sales days in our company's history; Squeeze 6 -- like Sorenson 360 -- represent major milestones in our industry, offering the first "total workflow solutions" for the video professional and for businesses of any size -- SMBs and enterprises;

(5) we completed a full corporate re-branding -- with a completely new website -- and a fully consistent "look and feel" (and unified experience) across our product line; this was motivated by many reasons, the most important of which being an obsessive dedication to ease of use, usability, and overall customer experience; the feedback from the press, our partners and our customers has been downright effusive;

(6) we signed a number of partnership deals with blue-chip companies in connection with our "Sorenson Spark" codec, the world's most ubiquitous video codec -- these partners include Qualcomm and Verizon;

(7) we expanded our long-time partnership with Avid and its suite of editing applications, and we seamlessly integrated our solutions in Apple's Final Cut Pro, Final Cut and iMovie products (we also are now featured as a "staff pick" download by Apple);

(8) we significantly expanded our company profile overall -- including a major feature story in USA Today -- USA Today expressly recognized the role our company has played throughout the course of Internet video (in its words, "Every time you watch a video online, you probably have Sorenson Media to thank" ... couldn't say it better myself);

(9) we continued to win all major awards in our industry for innovation and developing the "best" products and services, including the prestigious Streaming Media "Readers' Choice" award (for the third straight year) and "Fierce 15" by FierceOnlineVideo; and

(10) finally, we worked with more passion, excitement, enthusiasm, creativity and dedication than ever before -- fundamental ingredients to overall success. Without this kind of company culture, you may as well hang up the towel. I can tell you this -- this is a team of winners. We love the overall market opportunity. We love our differentiated and unique history and position within it. We love what we do (innovate, create, empower our users). And, we love who we do it with (each other). As corny as this sounds, we have a uniquely empowering and "fun" environment. I enjoy every day with my team. And, if you ain't havin' fun, why do it? Right?

These are just some of the highlights of the year.

But, time to stop looking back. Now, it's all about moving forward -- and continuing to out-innovate the competition and offer the most compelling video solutions to video professionals and businesses of all size.

Where are we going in 2010? All I can say is this -- you ain't seen nothing yet. Stay closely tuned -- we have many significant announcements tee'd up for the first part of the New Year, including several which will show you where we are heading with Sorenson 360. And, 2010 overall will be a pivotal year in the overall online video market opportunity, as businesses of all size begin to recognize -- on a massive scale -- that nothing is as impactful as the power of video. Not pictures. Not text. Absolutely nothing.