Friday, December 18, 2009

LIVE Mobile Video Goes LIVE on the iPhone! Was There Any Doubt?

The number of live mobile video streaming apps officially available in Apple's iPhone App Store has now doubled -- Bambuser is the latest to join UStream to give iPhone users this cool ... nay, revolutionary ... functionality.

Make no mistake -- these latest developments are just the beginning for live mobile video streaming. The power to not only have a mobile live vid chat (which is clumsy now on the iPhone because there is only one camera), but also live "See What I'm Seeing" from anywhere you are (which is how these initial iPhone apps will primarily be used) will change the way we communicate with each other and will become standard fare in the not-too-distant future. My prediction is that one-way "See What I'm Seeing" use will far surpass live two-way video chat.

Live mobile video streaming ... IT'S HERE! And it's here to stay ... and grow ... and grow ... and grow ...