Thursday, December 17, 2009

Apple Now Features New Squeeze 6 Front & Center!

I am pleased to say that the continuous drumbeat of positive press, exposure and best of all -- sales -- continues unabated at Sorenson Media as we end the year and approach the next.

Now, Apple prominently features Sorenson Squeeze 6 -- our latest award-winning release -- front and center on its website (on the Downloads page). And, Apple gives Squeeze its own thumbs up by giving it the highest visibility (a "staff pick").

Why? Because Squeeze 6, among other things, promotes powerful seamless integration with Apple's Final Cut, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie products. What does that mean? That means that all of the power of new Squeeze 6 can be accessed directly and easily from those Apple products themselves -- i.e., you don't need to even open Squeeze! Virtually every reporter in our pre-launch press briefings nearly fell off their chairs when they saw this in action via our live demos!

So, if you use these Apple editing tools as part of your workflow, you now can get the full power of new Squeeze 6 -- not only the industry-winning encoding features that give you the highest quality video, but also the new innovative features that nobody else has, including: (i) direct publishing to YouTube, Twitter, Akamai, Limelight and Sorenson 360; (ii) notification via SMS and email when your encoding jobs are done (so that you can have a life outside of your editing bay), and (iii) secure "review and approval" workflow.

Trust me -- you will want to check this out -- and you can entirely for free for 30 days. As many reporters said, this seamless integration with Apple's Final Cut, Final Cut Pro and iMovie alone are worth the price of admission to new Squeeze 6.