Monday, December 14, 2009

V-Men! Vikes Improve to 11-2, But is That Digital Media Worthy?

My Minnesota Vikings improved to 11-2 yesterday by destroying the division leading Bengals 30-10.

But, is that a digital media story? Does that have anything at all to do with my blog?

Well, I could, of course, find some kind of digital media angle (like, you can watch NFL video highlights on for free). But, that would be trying way too hard.

Instead, here is the plain Midwestern truth. I am from Minnesota (born and raised there -- proud Gopher alumnus from the esteemed University of Minnesota). That means that my blood has bled purple from my earliest of days. That also means that I have endured the promise -- and the pain -- that are the Minnesota Vikings from the time I was a tot. 4 Super Bowls -- YES! But, doh! 4 Super Bowl losses. And, the best chance we had to destroy the demons of old -- 1998 (Randy Moss's first year) -- we finished 15-1 and made it to the NFC Championship. Everyone expected my beloved Vikes to not only make it to the Super Bowl that year, but to win it ... handily. But, alas, those demons, once again, got to the Purple People Eaters as they, instead, were fed their lunch by the hapless Atlanta Falcons as I watched in horror from the 50 yard line of that wind-tunnel of a stadium, the Metrodome.

So, fast forward to the Vikes of this year. 11-2. Brett Favre. Adrian Peterson. Sydney Rice. Jared Allen. Antoine Winfield. And on, and on ... the talent is second to none.

This year FEELS different. It just does. Everyone expects us to easily wrap up our division. And, everyone considers us a real contender for the Super Bowl.

I pinch myself -- is this real? Could this finally be the year that the Vikes shake that proverbial monkey off their collective backs? The entire city of Minneapolis is counting on it, for I have not suffered alone over these past 40 odd years. An entire state's psyche rides upon the success -- or not -- of the Minnesota Vikings. And, believe me, this is no exaggeration.

Just think about it. The Vikes are THE single most important draw in my beloved state where the alternatives are shopping at the Mall of America or shoveling snow. As go the Vikings, so go we ...

("Okay, Peter, take a deep breath and your feet on the ground ... take it week by week ...")