Thursday, December 03, 2009

NBC Universal's Content Is Now Comcastic!

Hot off the presses -- Comcast and GE (parent company of media giant NBC Universal) -- just announced their long-anticipated mega-deal. And, it is a complex one, pursuant to which the cable giant -- wanting to ensure that its long-term raison d'etre is more than "dumb pipes" -- takes control (i.e., a 51% stake) of NBC Universal. A nice overview of the deal terms are here.

Interestingly, assuming that the deal passes regulatory scrutiny, Comcast now may "see the light" with respect to maximizing revenues from online movie distribution. The Wall Street Journal reports that Comcast may start to test enabling home viewers to watch first-run movies at the same time those movies are still playing in theatres ... for a premium price, of course.

Now THIS concept -- which is called modifying the motion picture distribution "window" -- is a smart one! I have small kids at home -- and I assume some of you do too -- and I certainly would pay more than the usual pay-per-view fee to watch a new motion picture from the comfort of my own home and big screen. Just think of the babysitter savings!

THAT kind of thinking is what leads to new revenue streams ... and that's the kind of thinking that is a "win win" for content holders and consumers alike.