Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a Three-peat! Sorenson Squeeze Wins Streaming Media's Coveted Readers' Choice Award Again!

Very gratifying indeed ... our flagship product, Sorenson Squeeze, just tonight won the Streaming Media Readers' Choice award for the third year in a row (for best video encoding software). Yes, it's a three-peat -- and I am here at the Streaming Media West conference (and OVP Summit) with my talented team -- and we held the award aloft tonight. AND, our new Sorenson Squeeze 6 wasn't even the nominated version -- it was the earlier version, Sorenson Squeeze 5. Given the reaction to Squeeze 6 (which just launched two weeks ago) -- click here to see and read the buzz about our launch -- imagine the new power of Squeeze! If you thought Squeeze 5 was cool, you gotta check out new Squeeze 6 (we make it easy -- you can sign up for a 30 day free trial at

And, our new video delivery network -- Sorenson 360 (which is only 6 months old) -- was also one of three finalists in the online video platform category.

It's a good night ... congratulations to the entire extremely talented and dedicated team at Sorenson Media. And, thanks to all of you readers and customers who made this all possible. As corny as it sounds, we truly do try to make it happen for you ...

One more thing -- Squeeze and 360 shouldn't be seen as two separate products -- they really are integral parts of a singular total workflow solution. If that is unclear to you, check out VP of Product Development David Dudas's video demo tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:30 am at the OVP Summit.

San Jose -- I Do Know the Way, and Am Here Now -- Let's Meet

I have arrived at Streaming Media West (and the Online Video Platform) Conference/Summit in San Jose. Took the Southwest "bus" this AM -- and am ready to meet.

Let me know if you would like to connect -- if so, send a note to my attention at

As great and powerful as video is, it is still critical to meet "in the flesh" when you get the chance.