Monday, November 09, 2009

Best Buy's Napster, First & Partners With CinemaNow, Second

Great article from today's Los Angeles Times about Best Buy's digital media ambitions -- definitely worthy of a read.

Remember, Best Buy acquired online music company Napster last year for $121 million. And, just recently, Best Buy partnered with online movie company, CinemaNow.

Why, because Best Buy's CD & DVD sales are dropping fast -- the physical goods store is seeing its entertainment-related physical goods going the way of the dodo world in the next few years.

So, what's a physical retailer to do? Start pushing online media services front and center now, so that the "blue shirts" in its stores can take the mystery out of digital music and movie services and teach consumers how to enjoy them when they buy their physical electronics.

But, will it work? Many are skeptical -- but, the pride of Minneapolis stores have little choice but to go full throttle into the brave new world of digital media rather than sit idly by as consumers ignore their CD/DVD shelves.