Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Damn, If I Was a Video Professional I'd Be All Over This Thing," Says TechCrunch About New Squeeze 6

Today is official day 1 of new Sorenson Squeeze 6 -- which I discussed in my post yesterday afternoon.

And, I am pleased -- very pleased -- to report that the press keeps coming ... and keeps coming back better than I/we could have hoped over here.

Here is a representative sampling of some of the great press so far ...

(1) TechCrunch (Devin Coldewey) -- "damn, if I was a video professional I'd be all over this thing." (those are his italics by the way)

(2) Broadcast Newsroom (Kevin P. McAuliffe) -- "Normally I say that you owe it to your clients to get a product. Well, you owe it to yourself to buy this product, and make YOUR life easier ... Sorenson has taken Squeeze 6, and made it not only THE choice for video compression, but the application that other companies will look to when developing upgrades for their own products." (those are his CAPS by the way)

(3) Macworld (Jackie Dove) -- "The program's interface has been re-designed to simplify the video compression workflow and provide easy access to features such as encoding presets, high-quality audio and video filters, DVD burning tools, and the new review, approval and notification functions."

(4) StreamingMedia.com (Jan Ozer) -- "Sorenson announced Squeeze 6 today and it looks impressive from both a technical and workflow perspective ... I've needed this type of easy review and approval for years -- it's a great way to familiarize both parties (encoder and client) with the benefits of an online video platform in general, and specifically Sorenson 360, and so is a smart marketing play for Sorenson ... The interface itself has been updated and streamlined, but there will be little or no learning curve for current users ... From a performance perspective, Squeeze 6 can now encode to VP6 format in parallel, a huge time saver for VP6 publishers ..."

(5) HotHardware (Daniel A. Begun) -- "... videophiles should be happy to learn that the software's next generation, Sorenson Squeeze 6, is available starting today."

I will continue to update ... but, lots of smiles over here ...