Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Businesses & Enterprises, Video "Quality is Credibility"

My company, Sorenson Media is in the online video game, of course. And, our Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network (our re-imagined and differentiated publishing/hosting platform) serves businesses of all size, including both the enterprise and SMBs. Video is transformative for these businesses, because online video optimizes their business growth -- driving more revenues by more effective product and service marketing, customer interaction, etc. That is how the vast majority of businesses harness the power of -- and look to monetize -- their video assets.

And, in the words of a colleague that recently resonated with me, for businesses video quality is "credibility." Nothing less than absolutely pristine video is acceptable to showcase their products, services and ultimately their overall brand. For businesses, consumer grade video platforms like YouTube simply are not good enough -- the quality, control, and more is simply not business class.

"Quality is credibility" -- and, fortunately, the Sorenson Media brand is synonymous with quality. That is our foundation -- and we have significantly differentiated technology and expertise in this regard, based on our 14 year head start from many in our space.

That is critical as the growth of professionally produced high quality video content continues to explode over the Internet -- already reaching 22.5 BILLION streams served this year.