Monday, September 28, 2009

Brett Favre's Lesson to All Entrepreneurs -- Passion & Love of the Game

Forgive me -- I'm a long time Minnesota Vikings fan -- so today's post has to do with yesterday's unbelievable victory over the 49er. But, it also has to do with so much more.

The Vikes were down by 4, at their own 20 yard line, 80 yards to go, needing a TD, and no time-outs. Who was at the helm? Brett Favre -- #4 wearing purple (of all things). There was a hush in the Metrodome. He was too old to march the team down to victory, right? (Most sports writers seemed to write him off before the year began -- he became a running joke.)

But there he was -- doinking the ball down field. 7 yards here -- 12 yards there. Down to the 33 yard line -- but only 13 seconds left (and 3rd down WITH NO TIMEOUTS!) Then, the old man steps back, scrambles a bit, and throws an improbable and impossible rope to the back of the end zone -- and is caught with literally a millimeter between the receiver's foot and the back of the goal line. THE VIKES WIN (in one of the most thrilling games I have ever seen - and I have watched a lot over the years).

So, Csathy, once again, what does this have to do with digital media and technology?

Quite simply -- the game is a remarkable study of what it takes to win and succeed -- and Brett Favre exemplifies the single most important ingredient. And, that is passion. Love of the game. Dedication. Plain old tenacity and hard work. Ultimately, a "never say die" attitude (I have written about this several times before.)

I love watching Favre play -- I must admit, I loved watching him play all those years when he was wearing green and playing my purple team. He is everything good in sport. He's a little kid out there. He has fun. He loves the game. (That's why he retired -- then unretired -- then retired again -- and then retired again; he simply can't leave the game he loves ... and who can blame him?)

Favre's "ingredients" are the ingredients that make for a successful team.

They don't guarantee victory. But, they give you a helluva much better chance to succeed ...

(As a post-script -- can't wait for next Monday night's game when Favre and his purple team play the Packers for the first time. The kid will be out in full force again .... )