Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Long SightSpeed -- Thanks for the Memories!

My former company, SightSpeed, was acquired by Logitech last November -- we had a great team, and we are proud to have developed the best reviewed video and voice over IP service (by the same name). The SightSpeed team was known as being innovators -- and, with 25 employees, we took on Skype and others who dwarfed us in terms of resources, and we held our own (and then some, in my humble opinion).

But, alas, as my friend and colleague Andy Abramson writes, SightSpeed (consumer edition, at least) is no more. However, its spirit lives on -- and very successfully -- in Logitech's new "Vid" service.

Read more from Andy, VoIP expert extraordinaire. And, SightSpeed, thanks for the memories ....

eBay Jolted by Joltid, As Skype's Founders Hang Up Company's Sale to Private Investors

Talk about biting the hand that feeds!

Skype's founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom -- via their company, Joltid -- yesterday filed a copyright suit against Skype and its core peer-to-peer technology. Needless to say, this "complicates" eBay's recent announced sale of a majority interest in Skype to a group of private investors including Marc Andreessen for $2 billion. And, to add insult to injury, the lawsuit names individual investors as defendants, contending that these investors had knowledge of Skype's copyright infringements when they negotiated their deal.

Wow, talk about audacity! Let's not forget that Skype's founders pocketed a few bills when they sold their company to eBay a few years back for more than $3 billion. And, for eBay, talk about naivete if they spent that much money to buy Skype from its founders and somehow "forgot" to firmly secure the basic IP rights they needed to run the company! Where are those eBay lawyers now?

Look, I haven't had a chance to review the lawsuit. But, it seems to me that when someone sells something for $3 billion+, they should really be selling it ... (and, on the flip-side, when someone is buying something, they should make sure they are really buying it).

Hey, we sold my last company, IP calling service SightSpeed, to Logitech last November for $30 million. And, we really sold it -- everything -- all IP (including better P2P technology than Skype's). Imagine that?

Bottom line -- as my clever colleague Eric Quanstrom said to me this morning -- eBay just got jolted by Joltid!