Friday, September 11, 2009

On Demand Music Streaming Finally Poised for Greatness? iPhone to the Rescue

Big news for music fans and those, like me, who are long-time users of -- and believers in -- the power of on demand music subscription services such as Rhapsody or Best Buy's Napster. I recently wrote about flagging demand for Rhapsody. But, this all may change now because Apple has finally approved the first on demand music streaming app for the iPhone and iTouch -- and that would be Rhapsody's.

Why is this a big deal? Because now, Rhapsody subscribers can stream -- on demand -- any of over 6 million songs directly from their iPhone. No more downloads needed. No more need to transfer any tracks to your iPhone or iTouch anymore. And, no more need to buy tracks from iTunes.

And, THERE's the rub for Apple. Yes, so far, music subscription services have not taken any bite out of iTunes' dominance in the online music game. But, this development reinvigorates the hopes of on demand music subscription services -- and could be a game changer ...