Tuesday, September 08, 2009

International Demand for Online Video Accelerates -- Case in Point, Sorenson Media

Okay -- Labor Day is done -- summer is over -- kids are back in school -- everyone is back to work -- holidays are nigh ...

My company, Sorenson Media, saw this already beginning last week, experiencing significantly more traffic and sales than during the final weeks of August. This type of seasonality, of course, is not unusual for companies who sell services online -- I saw this at my former companies, SightSpeed and Musicmatch, as well.

We also are seeing accelerating demand and growth for our services outside the U.S., as businesses worldwide are focusing more and more attention on online video, recognizing the unique power of video to sell and market their products and services and to more effectively interact with their customers and prospective customers.

In fact, today we issued a press release that discusses the remarkable growth and demand for our services outside the U.S. Case in point -- London now tops overall sales and site visits by a significant margin, generating 32% more sales for my company's products and services and 26% more site traffic than our second most significant city, New York. And, international traffic to our website now surpasses domestic traffic.

What makes this especially compelling is that, to date, we have essentially focused no marketing resources outside the U.S.

That is the power of the Sorenson Media brand ... and that is our international opportunity.

I like our chances ...