Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Digital Media M&A Heats Up -- MySpace Acquiring iLike

Breaking news -- MySpace is buying music social networking site iLike for an undisclosed amount of cash/stock. MySpace understands that it needs to continue to focus on music, since that has been the most promising part of its overall story, as the sheen has come off the rest of its biz (which now seems stale to most in light of the transcendence of Facebook and others).

Likely a great result for Hadi Partovi and his brother, who started iLike not so long ago in 2006. Hadi previously worked at Microsoft as the GM of MSN Entertainment Services -- and I interacted with him during my Musicmatch days. Good guy. Congratulations!

The M&A market continues to heat up as the global economic thaw (knock on wood!) continues ...

The Beatles -- Soon Finally Available Online? "Let It Be"

TechCrunch today speculates that The Beatles finally soon may be available for purchase online via iTunes.

If this is true -- which we may learn as soon as September 9th -- this would fill one of the most massive (and frustrating) holes in the digital music universe.

Given all the recent moves by the remaining Beatles to reach a new generation, I think it is highly likely that this speculation is true ... certainly, if not in September, soon. And, iTunes would be the logical choice ...